Originally from Vitré in Brittany, Jean-Luc Marquet (alias "YANNLUGG") does not identify himself with any school, and yet he perfectly assimilated the lessons of the great artistic movements (from German Expressionism to COBRA) in his quest for his own expressionistic style. For almost twenty years, his figurative pictorial universe has transported us into a world that allows large scope for the imagination, and in which he tirelessly and boldly explores the art of transforming faces (his favourite theme) at the heart of creations showcasing evocative archetypal images of the subconscious.

Jean-Luc Marquet's paintings are striking in terms of both their composition and the very real drawings unpinning them, drawings which structure the piece and deconstruct shapes only to better reinvent them again. The artist's palette of bold colours and his textural effects astonishingly reinforce the subject's power and dynamism. Jean-Luc Marquet enjoys exploring media freely, and makes brilliant use of mixed techniques combining painting and collage. He improvises his figurative paintings from paper or fabric collages, their random abstract shapes inspiring the final pictorial work, which consequently gains in spontaneity and better conveys the artist's sensitivity. This deliberate transformation of the underlying materials, which are reappropriated in order to convey symbols and messages in the painted work, is not wanton provocation. The resultant painting becomes a "magical object", compelling the observer to change the way in which they see the world.

Jean-Luc Marquet is an artist in constant search of new means of expression, and as such has plenty more surprises in store...


Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Art Historian




Jean-Luc Marquet, also known as Yannlugg, chose professional art as his career path, which has allowed him to exhibit in Normandy (in Verneuil sur Avre in Eure) as well as in Brittany, Mayenne, and Belgium where in 2005 he won the 2nd prize for acrylic painting at the International Salon of Olne.


You know, we are not obliged to immediately make up our minds when it comes to Jean-Luc Marquet's painting! When he began, I perhaps discerned, in the graphic and imaginative element of his work, a reference to the "Ecole de Paris" because, influenced by the dream-world, this artist introduces symbolism with a great deal of visual and even spiritual efficiency. His versatile and confident brush-stroke generates effects that are vehement at times, yet always flexibly applied.


However, very recently, without denying the suppleness and the rhythm of his compositions, Jean-Luc Marquet further magnifies the impact made by his use of colour and matter. He stylishly captures the magic created by daring and luminous contrasts, producing pure effects in a spectacular atmosphere full of enchantment and brilliant evocations. His broad brush stroke combines harmoniously with the grace of his representations that are further enhanced by the pearly smoothness of the backgrounds. Yannlugg invites us therefore to discover a majestic balance that governs the both powerful and dynamic shapes. And yet creativity remains the guiding principle, inspiration being very much present. This determines a pictorial language that is humming with rhythms, contrasts, and the poetic quality of the colour-matter combination that is so brilliantly rendered.

André RUELLAN, art critic